Happy Valentine's Day.


TODAY is one of those days that we are suppose to show love and affection to those that we love and support, yet I feel it should be everyday, regardless what day it is, everyday should be Valentine's day in spirit, but we don't celebrate Valentine's day everyday do we? 

Taking the time to read this I very much appreciate it. In which is enough time to change your spirit to love and love everyone everyday.  If I can do it you can too. 

I'm talking about finding love, I found love many times. 3 stick out the most. First love and your second love after your first love and finally number 3 is the love you will know after 1 breaks your heart and after you broke 2's heart number 3 should be the one you or i don't want to break. 

You have a better understanding of what is love and what you want out of love. Love is beautiful if you know how to find it, it's not hard to miss love cause it's really everywhere, everyone chooses to not see the beauty in all and everything. For many reasons the beholder holds, untill he/she finds the love inside them. You will see the love on the outside. Njoy. 

Pepperoni and pineapple pizza please!! 

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