Addresses Part 2 Happy Valentine's Day

This is the nice guy you never heard of


While I sit in my infinity I never once realized you never were the one for till now I do me now look at you now sitting high enough to think your better than me 

You are the one who made you be the person you are today 

Never forget what street you live on it's a constant reminder

I conquer and have been conquering it's in my blood I'm hungry for blood 

and truimphant don't get it twisted 

I have passion for those that show me love my love never dies I live with love 

Cause of love I breath I eat I conquer with love.  

These rhymes don't make sense now listen carefully and you will hear the sound of my voice 

In your head and it will conquer your life

I'm here to be the person you all want to be 

I'm not afraid of dying for what I believe

I'm afraid of living for the wrong reasons believing it's right 

When I'm not a slave to no one but my soul and destiny 

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